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Jazirah Aviation Club provides flying training for LSA and Microlight Pilot Permit, following a syllabus approved by the General Civil Aviation Authority of UAE.

The training is of two phases namely Ground School Training and Flying. Ground school is 25 hours and flying is  30 hours, which includes solo and dual flying.

The flight training consists of Pre –solo flight check and a Final handling test, before a permit is issued.

Microlight or higher category license holders can also join the club to undergo a short training and a proficiency check to obtain a Microlight Permit issued by the club.


 for more info call + 971 7 2446416.

 To enroll for the training kindly fill the application form  (in the training section of home page) and send us a passport copy( with UAE visa page  for foreigners ) and a passport size picture to our email. Please mention your application number in the email.









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