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History & Background 

Jazirah Aviation Club Established as of 05/04/1998 is the first Micro light and LSA flying club of the United Arab Emirates which is approved by General Civil Aviation Authority. With more than 300 members and a fleet of 50 different flying machines this is the only club of its kind in the entire region. We ensure a 100% safety in all our operations. Our fleet includes the advanced certified Micro light aircrafts, Gyrocopters, Powered Parachutes & Para motors .

Location & Activity:

The club is Located at the Jazirah Airport (OMRJ) in the picturesque Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah along the coast of the beautiful sea.  Jazirah Aviation Club has got two runways and the area is ideal for Fun & Hobby flyers.The club also provides approved training on various flying machines by qualified aviation instructors as per the GCAA approved Operations and Training manual.


Training includes Ground, Flight, Safety and Communication training. Proper safety and security measures have been adopted by the club to ensure smooth, healthy and efficient running of the activity.The aircrafts are maintained by qualified aircraft engineers to the highest standards and proper safety and security measures are taken for parking the aircrafts.The club owns six fixed wing micro light aircrafts and provides hanger facilities for more than 40 member’s aircraft. 



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